Our Philosophy

Recruitment and Staff Leasing: If you want your recriutment to be efficient you will need more people to work on it. Our work has the following stages: find out the text of a commercial or AD, advertise, inform the Appliers, invite them to a personal meeting, make an interview with them and then find the best company for them to work for. We usually experience that if the company do not have enough time to react for applications, most of those (sometimes very good) Appliers will find another job quickly. We always inform our Appliers a.s.a.p. about the actual working possibilities and we register them so next time if such an Employee is needed we can react quickly. We make recruitments all the time, so when you need an Employee it is quicker if you ask us to help you, then start recruitments etc. on your own. If you want your own staff to recruit, it will take them a lot of time and another encrumbance for them. If you do not want to loan, but recruitment might cause extra problem for your Employees, Leasing is the best solution for you. If you have your expectations, we will start looking for your potential Employees immediately, interviewing and finally leasing.

With us you can easily supplement your own HR Staff

Blue-collar worker leasing

White-collar worker leasing

Payroll calculation, lease-work

Blue-collar worker leasing

HR Consultancy

Fullfillment of own needs

Why us?

We are the Employers, with all the followings to do:
• recruitment
• aptitude test by the doctor
• contract with the Employee
• documentation
• payroll
• National Insurance (sickness benefit, etc)
• National Tax documentation
• avowal
• issuing certifications
• registration
• sending data
• safety outfitting purchase

You find out who you need, and we will find th ebest for you! Either Employee or Employer you will be satisfied with our service. Trust us, you will not be disappointed!

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